Shop all our products in person at the Duluth Farmer's Market -- 1324 East 3rd St. -- Wednesdays 2p - 5p and Saturdays 8a - 12p now through the end of October. Stay tuned for sales and events!

✨ Miel Bee News and Summer Overview 🐝🌞

🐝 Bee News!

Our bees have arrived and are busy getting settled in their respective homes. Same as last year, we have 4 different locations where our bees live. The Honey Guy’s backyard in Duluth Heights, Chester Bowl, out on the east end of town by Lester Park and out on the west end of town on Hoffbauer’s Tree Farm. These locations have proven to be awesome spots for our bees to live and thrive and it gives all of you a literal taste of Duluth!

All our bee hives are doing well so far, which is a huge blessing considering how wet our Spring has been. There are even two of our hives at our Locust location, that were wintered over, that are starting to bring in honey! 🍯

As for when the new honey crop will be ready, it’s anyone’s guess. Typically we start extracting honey the first week or twoΒ of July. So, stay tuned to find out when it’s ready! Until then, we still have honey from last year, but it isΒ onlyΒ available at the Duluth Farmer’s Market andΒ onlyΒ in our 12oz Miel Squeeze Bottle while the supply lasts. Thank you for understanding and waiting along with us for our new crop to be ready! 😊

🌼 Duluth Farmer’s Market Season is officially kicked off! 
Market days are our favorite days as it gives us an opportunity to chat with all the great people that come to our booth. We always bring all of our products down so that no one misses out on checking out all our wonderful products.

One new product to our booth this year is our Miel Urban Beekeeping Fundamentals Class on a flash drive. We have an iPad set up so you can preview what the class looks like. 

We are at market every Wednesday from 2p – 5p and you will see my dad, Mark and every Saturday from 8a – 12p you will catch both of us in action! We love to chat with people and answer any questions you might have about bees or our products. You can find the Duluth Farmer’s Market at 1324 East 3rd Street — just one block down the hill from Burrito Union.
🍯 Summer Overview
Save the dates of July 12 – 14 as Miel will be returning to Two Harbors for their Heritage Days Event! Take the beautiful drive up the shore and take in the awesomeness that is Two Harbors. They put on a fun event every year and we are excited to be a part of it again!

Don’t worry though, that Saturday the 13th we divide and conquer with my dad at Heritage Days and me at the Duluth Farmer’s Market.

Bee seeing you,

πŸ’› Vanessa 🐝