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🐝 Exciting Miel News Update!

A lot of you remember the tragic fire in August of last year that destroyed our Honey Guy’s basement and home, along with all of Miel’s beeswax products.
It has been a long process getting his house rebuilt, but next week we begin moving back into Miel Headquarters!!

We could not be more excited! 🎉

This will be a big project and, while we don’t anticipate it disrupting production, we want you all to know that there is a possibility of that happening. We have been busy as bees getting our inventory stocked up for this exciting transition! As always, we will keep y’all in the loop if any kind of production pause happens.

What’s that? Another sale?!?
We have marked down our Lavender Lotion through the end of June. 💜 Why? Over all the years of making lotions, we have discovered that our Lavender lotion has become a great relief for bug bites!

That’s right! From our own personal usage and from comments from customers, like you, this has been common feedback. And since it seems like the mosquitos and bugs are back with a vengeance this summer, having a sale on a product that gives relief just makes sense! 

Best Camping Addition You NEED 🏕️🧼🌞

Camping this summer?! Our bar soap makes the greatest addition to your camping needs. It’s small, mighty, all-natural and perfect for helping you pack lightly while you travel. 🎒👜 Our soap suds up beautifully, rinses clean and will keep you feeling fresh while you embrace nature! 🌻🍃 Because we know you’ll love it as much as we do, we are also putting it on sale through the end of June! 🤩🙌

Thank you for being such amazing customers! We appreciate all of you and your support of our business. 
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We love boxing up all your favored Miel treasures and sending them off to their new homes!