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Featured Product of the Week | Fragrance Free Products

This week’s features are our fragrance-free products.

As much as we love our scented products, we wanted to be sure to include those who might have skin sensitivities to various fragrances. So, we have a fragrance-free line!

We have a lot of customers who not only buy our fragrance-free products because of their sensitivity, but sometimes, they just don’t want to have a scented soap, lotion, or lip balm. #winning

Between the Avocado, Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oils for the soap, they all combine to really moisturize your body! Then you have the Avocado and Jojoba oils, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera Gel for the lotion. Our lip balm has Jojoba oil and Lanolin. To finish off all our products, the beeswax seals in all that moisture, and you’re set to go from head to toe!

All our fragrance-free products are available online and at the market!

They are all made with care by Miel!