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Featured Product of the Week | Lip Balms!

We carry six different lip balm flavors. Almond, Natural, Peppermint, Pomegranate, Tropical, and Vanilla.
Each of them is just as great as the other.

Our lip balms are an all-natural, dye-free, beeswax based lip product and because of the beeswax, you can’t lick it off!

This means your favorite flavor will last longer! #winning

A little bit goes a long way in keeping your lips moisturized and protected. The lanolin and jojoba oil team up to give you that extra moisture you need to keep your lips soft. In the winter months, it helps them from getting dry and chapped.

In the summertime, it’ll help protect your lips from the sun.

Fun tidbit: as a sunscreen ingredient, jojoba oil not only provides natural moisturizers for the skin but also provides healing and anti-inflammatory elements through its natural substance called myristic acidMyristic acid is a form of fatty acid naturally occurring in plant oil and this oil has an SPF rating of 4.

You can purchase our lip balms as a set of two.

Can’t pick just one flavor? We also offer them in a you-pick 5-pack! Pick any combination of flavors up to 5.