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Miel Duluth Responds to COVID-19

Miel Responds to the Pandemic

It feels like there isn’t any other news except COVID-19 updates.  Emails come in to my box every day telling of each company’s response to the pandemic. As Miel responds to COVID-19, we are having to adjust our activities to accommodate the regulations governing public gatherings.  Miel has always participated in the Spring Home and Sports Show at Black Bear Casino.  This year, it was canceled due to COVID-19.  Our annual Earth Day at the Duluth Farmers Market was postponed to May 2.  Now the plans must change again.  It is possible that our Celebrate Earth Day  will be a VIRTUAL EVENT held online instead of at the DFM location.  Plans are in the works for a new way to Celebrate Earth Day!  Stay Tuned!!!

Miel Duluth’s Family

Our family has been weathering the crises quite well so far.  We are all healthy, for which we are grateful!  We have continued making our all natural Miel products and preparing for the arrival of the Spring Bees.The bees should arrive the third week in April. However, we have not had the update on that yet.  Because the winter was fairly mild here in the Duluth area, we have three survivors of the 10 hives we wintered.  They appear strong and healthy.  Mark has been feeding them (sugar and pollen-patties) to help sustain them until things begin to grow.  Just like every other spring, our hearts are full of hope for a productive bee season!

What about Duluth Farmers Market? 

Right now, we are scheduled to open on May 9.  What remains to be decided, is just what that will look like amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have had the benefit of an indoor market since 1911!  We are still allowed to open, but with many regulations governing it, making it difficult or even impossible for some growers and vendors! The Duluth Farmers Market membership will have an online meeting in mid-April to make some important decisions.  We all want to make the Farmers Market happen!   Like I told some friends recently “We’re Americans!  We can find a way and make it happen!”

All Miel Products are Available Online!

We are happy to be among those with an online store!  We have had our store available for a several years. Now that the COVID-19 crises is making markets and festivals challenging at best (canceled at worst!) we are working to make it easier for our loyal customers and newcomers to get the products they know and love!  We have always offered shipping or Local Pick-up.  During April, we are offering FREE SHIPPING to all our customers nationwide!  Use the code ship25 to take advantage of this offer!

New Options to Pay for Miel Products

As Miel responds to COVID-19 pandemic, we are adding options to ease the stress of getting the Miel products you want:

  • Pay at Pickup will be an option.  Many customers are reluctant to use an online payment option.  And that’s okay!  Using the Pay at Pickup option would enable these customers to still get their products and pay in person. Pick up is at 128 E. Locust St., Duluth, MN.  We appreciate a text to 218.213.1616 to let us know you have pulled up.  We put your order on the Side Porch, you leave payment in an envelope and drop it in the box.
  • Delivery in Duluth is a new option.  Some folks, myself included, are closely following the suggestions for mitigating the spread of this virus.  If that is you, then we are offering free delivery of your products on Saturday afternoon.  The times would vary depending on how many deliveries we have.  We would text you when we arrive at your place and follow your instructions for delivery.
  • Pay at Delivery is the last new option.  It would be just like Pay at Pickup, but instead, we would be receiving payment from you when we deliver your products.

Prayers and Best Wishes from Miel

This pandemic is world-wide.  We all want to do our best to stem the tide in whatever way we can.  We all must make adjustments and changes to the way we conduct our businesses, our schooling, our daily lives.  Here in our home, we pray that you will be untouched by this virus and send best wishes for a speedy recovery to any who experience this disease.

God Bless,

Sharilyn & Mark, Shannon & Zach

Sharilyn and Mark