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Our Limited Edition Fourth of July Kaleidoscope Candle Has Arrived!

We had a unique idea and it took some super science’y patience from our amazing employee to make this candle as awesome as it is. Wax was melted, dye chips were added carefully and timers were set to create this stunning candle.

All of our candles are 100% beeswax. There are no additives to our candles as to preserve their natural state of being air purifiers! How cool is that?!? Beeswax candles are far superior to paraffin candles when it comes to health benefits!. #winning

We will only have it available through the holiday weekend. So grab it up before it disappears until next year!

It is available at the local Duluth Farmer’s Market AND online! We were originally only going to offer it at the market, but quickly realized it was too beautiful to NOT place on our website as well! Everyone should have a chance to have this candle be a part of their holiday weekend!

If you order soon, it should arrive to your door just in time to brighten up your July 4th Festivities! We also have our local pickup available so you can save on shipping costs as well!

We are selling them 1/$11 or 2/$20 | They won’t last long, so act quickly to get yours today!