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Miel Honeycomb

Miel Honeycomb is just plain wonderful!  Honeycomb contains all the benefits that bees offer us!  Pollen, beeswax, honey, royal jelly–EverythingThe Walters Family keeps bees in remarkable areas of Duluth, MN. We are surrounded with neighbors who enjoy organic vegetable gardening, herbal gardens.  Furthermore, each bee yard is surrounded by a multitude of fruit trees, bushes and flower gardens! This provides a healthy assortment of food for the bees! We have four bee yards all within the city limits of Duluth!  Because of the abundant flora, the bees gather nectar from a huge variety of plants.  This results in a unique honey flavor throughout the honey season!  Miel Honeycomb contains all this and more!

Many Colors and Flavors of Honey

In general, the honey flow begins the end of June and continues through the end of September or so.  It all depends on the weather!  Miel Urban Beekeeping is no different to other agricultural pursuits in regard to its dependence on the weather!

The family extracts honey from the hive every 10 days or so throughout the honey flow. The result is a variety of colors and flavors! Our regular customers have their favorite time of the season to order! Colors of honey range from very light to dark.  Flavors vary from delicate to robust. Honey purchased early in the season tends to be lighter, getting darker and more robust as fall flowers begin to bloom.

Three Styles of Honeycomb

Miel Honeycomb comes in three styles:

  • Honeycomb Cappings.  Bees produce beeswax to seal and preserve the honey.  Before the honey is extracted from the frames, this wax must be removed.  A hot knife cuts the honeycomb lengthwise from the frame.  The Cappings  roll up as they are removed, capturing the honey within the layers.
  • Honeycomb Squares.  Some seasons, we are successful in raising a Kenyan Top-Bar Hive.  When this happens we cut the honeycomb into squares for distribution.
  • Honeycomb Ross Rounds.  Rounds are produced entirely by the bees!  Special frames and put on the hive during peak honey flow.  The bees completely fill the round frames provided by the beekeeper and cap their honey.  The beekeeper removes the rounds from the hive.  After covering the rounds and labeling them, they are ready for sale.  Rounds are straight from the bees to the honey lover!

Miel Honeycomb is a seasonal product and available only while supplies last.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Honeycomb Style

Cappings, Squares, Rounds


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