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Miel Dore’

Miel Dore’ is awesome! The Walters Family keeps bees in remarkable areas of Duluth, MN. We are surrounded with neighbors who enjoy organic vegetable gardening, herbal gardens and a multitude of fruit trees, bushes and flower gardens! This provides a healthy assortment of food for the bees! We have four bee yards all within the city limits of Duluth!  Because of the abundant flora, the bees can gather nectar from a huge variety of plants resulting in a unique honey flavor throughout the honey season! Miel Dore’ is the best of the best honey in the region!

Many Colors and Flavors of Honey

The Honey Flow generally begins the end of June and continues through the end of September or so.  It all depends on the weather!  Miel Urban Beekeeping is no different to other agricultural pursuits in regard to its dependence on the weather!

The family chooses to extract honey from the hive every 10 days or so throughout the honey flow. The result is a variety of colors and flavors! Customers familiar to Miel tend to have their favorite time of the season to order! Colors of honey range from very light to dark.  Flavors vary from delicate to robust. Honey purchased early in the season tends to be lighter, getting darker and more robust as fall flowers begin to bloom.

Honey is a seasonal product and available only while supplies last.

Miel Dore’ (pron. dough-ray’) is French for Golden Honey.  Our Miel Dore’ is our premium honey of each summer season, 100% pure and raw.  It comes in a 14 oz vintage jar.  The special labeling makes it a wonderful gift for any occasion.

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  1. Jody

    This local honey has a delightful flavor, plus local honey is the best! I purchased some as a gift for my husband, and fortunately I got to taste it. Now I’m purchasing a larger jar for us both to share. I’m going to purchase the other honey as well 🙂

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