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Natural Wood Finish

$10.00 - $20.00



Natural Wood Finish

Natural Wood Finish products are not a new discovery. Beeswax is not just a word to attract nature lovers. There was a time years ago when all wood finish products were made of pure beeswax. But concerns on its sustainability and the need to mass-produce products without the beeswax paved the way to alternatives filled with chemicals.

Based on the age-old French furniture finish, our Natural Wood Finish is wonderful on antique furniture.  The wood absorbs the oil and the beeswax is the sealant. Our product contains beeswax and food grade mineral oil.  It is perfect for cutting boards, butcher block tables, antique furniture, any unfinished wood products.

Miel~A Family Business

Beekeeping has been in the family for several generations. Great-grandpa Walters had bees in southwest Wisconsin in the early 1900s. His son, Orville, continued the tradition by harvesting honey from wild bees in Madagascar. In 1976, Mark started beekeeping when he and Sharilyn lived in St. Paul, MN. When they moved to Madagascar in 1982, they took hive bodies and equipment with them and began beekeeping in Southern Madagascar.  The Walters were without bees for a period of time after returning to the US, but in 2007, Mark’s son, Zach wanted to start them up again.

We pride ourselves in our great tasting Minnesota honey and 100% all natural beeswax products. We have specifically selected each ingredient that goes into our products to be free from any man-made chemicals and safe for the whole family. Experience the benefits of beeswax in our lip balms, lotions, candles, and soaps.

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  1. Scott

    What a fantastic finish! I use it on spoons, bowls and knife handles…I even use it on leather!

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