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Paw Protector




Paw Protector

Do you love your pet?  Of course!  Paw Protector for your pet is a result of listening to our customers.  They tell about using our lip balms or lotions (even Wood Finish!) on their pets.  For that reason, we decided to do some experimenting. We came up with this simple formula to protect the paw pads of dogs and cats.  When your pet is well cared for, the LOVE comes back to you.  Their paws will be kept moisturized.  Healthy paws make your pet happier! Paw Protector for your pet is part of pet care.


The natural elements your pets encounter during summer heat and winter freeze can be harmful.  The heat from asphalt or concrete dries the skin covering their paws.  Likewise, the freezing temperatures can cause problems.  The snow and ice clings to the fur and paws can be damaged from the compacted ice.  Their delicate paws can become cracked and painful from the temperature extremes.  Apply Paw Protector before your pet goes outdoors. To maximize the benefits, you may apply it again after they come inside.


The ingredients are simply jojoba oil and beeswax.  Jojoba Oil is good for you, so it’s good for your pet too! It is completely non-toxic so when they clean up, it will not harm them!  Order some LOVE for your pet today!


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