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All-Natural Beeswax Wood Wick Candles




Wood Wick Candles

Our Wood wick Candles are 100% natural beeswax and homemade. They are contained in your choice of a clear or frosted glass candle jar. We use purified beeswax so candles burn smoothly. Beeswax candles are air purifiers by nature and are far superior to paraffin candles when it comes to health benefits! The quality of the burn and the benefit of air purification is not affected by the wood wick.  The wood wick adds a pleasant crackle and flicker to the burn and enhances the ambiance of the setting


The Wood wick Candles come in two colors:  White and Yellow.  Both are completely natural colors, no dye is added.  New wax is very pale, almost white.  This wax is typically obtained from the “wax cappings”  This is produced by the bees when they seal the honey in a cell of honeycomb.  As honeycomb ages, it gets darker.  This is typically obtained when beekeepers decide to replace the old honeycomb.

Unscented Candles

Natural Beeswax candles alone give such a light, pleasant scent that we do not add any artificial fragrances. Miel’s candles are hypo-allergenic and can be burned around those with allergies, asthma, or those who are sensitive to chemicals.  However, there is no guarantee that an allergic reaction would occur.


We offer two types of glass vessels for our wood wick candles: Frosty and Rose Gold.

3 reviews for Wood Wick Candles

  1. Bobbie Lou Carlson

    I love them and using them for gifts

  2. Bobbie Lou Carlson

    I love them and anxious to use another for myself and gifts

  3. Bobbie Lou Carlson

    I love these candles and will use them for gifts and self

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