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Beeswax Bricks – Set of 2




Discover the natural wonders of our Beeswax Bricks for your home projects! From creating soothing beeswax candles that cleanse the air to crafting your own chemical-free lip balms, beeswax is a versatile and eco-friendly material. Its natural, sweet aroma adds a touch of warmth to your creations. Whether you’re making handmade gifts, enhancing the beauty of wood furniture, or even waterproofing fabrics, beeswax brings a unique charm and functionality to your DIY endeavors. Embrace the simplicity of nature and elevate your home projects with the golden touch of beeswax — a sustainable, wholesome, and delightful choice for crafting a healthier, more beautiful home.

Each brick has 1oz of raw beeswax, and each order receives a set of 2!


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