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Creamed Honey – 8oz


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Miel Creamed Honey

The Walters Family keeps bees in some lovely spots around Duluth, MN, with friendly neighbors who love gardening. They grow organic veggies, herbs, and have lots of fruit trees, bushes, and flowers – perfect food for our bees! We’ve got four bee yards within Duluth’s city limits. Because of all the different plants, our bees can collect nectar from, the honey tastes unique throughout the season.

Many Colors and Flavors of Honey

The honey season usually kicks off by late June and goes on until around September, but that can change depending on the weather. Just like other farming activities, beekeeping relies on Mother Nature.

Our family likes to collect honey from the hives about every ten days during the honey season. This method gives us a range of honey colors and flavors. People who know Miel well often have their favorite time to order honey. The honey can be super light to kind of dark, and the flavors can be mild or strong. If you get honey early in the season, it’s usually lighter, and as we move into fall, it gets darker and richer in taste.

Miel Honey is a seasonal product and available only while supplies last.

Creamed Honey

Our locally produced raw honey is now available as Creamed Honey!  All honey will crystalize eventually.  However, when following nature’s course, it takes a LONG time and the crystals are quite large.  Creamed honey is produced by introducing a small amount of very fine crystals to honey and gently whipping it for a few minutes.  The honey then mimics those crystals and produces a creamy, smooth, spreadable honey!

1 review for Creamed Honey – 8oz

  1. Kathleen Regalia

    Absolutely delicious!! Received 1# from a friend at Christmastime. Took me back to my childhood when my uncle was a beekeeper and we had lovely clover honey…but not creamed. Such a sweet surprise!

    • Vanessa Roers

      Thank you! So glad to hear our product brought back sweet memories!

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