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Pomegranate Lip Balm (Set of 2)


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Miel Pomegranate Lip Balm

Our Pomegranate Lip Balm is packed full of vitalizing pomegranate flavor that creates a symphony of sweet and sour while keeping your lips moisturized. Introducing an added essence of fresh fruit makes this lip balm a real treat!

Lasting Comfort

Each ingredient in our Lip Balms are hand picked for quality and comfort. At Miel, we pride ourselves in creating a product that doesn’t have to be applied repeatedly in order to see and feel results. After just one application, you’ll instantly notice soothing comfort that lasts! Our various blends of flavors and scents will leave you wanting more!


Pure Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Lanolin, Vitamin-E, 100% Pure Pomegranate Flavor

Jojoba acts as a natural emollient and moisturizer. Because Jojoba oil mimics our body’s natural sebum, your lips readily absorb the lip balm without feeling greasy or tacky.  All of our products use Jojoba oil naturally grown in the Arizona Sonoran Desert.

Beeswax & Honey are perfect ingredients for lip balms. They effectively create a long-lasting protective coating against the elements, while working their magic providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Lanolin’s water-repellent properties allow our Lip Balm to have long-lasting, moisturizing benefits, keeping your lips protected while healing.

Vitamin-E is a powerful anti-oxidant that promotes healing caused by weather related inflammation.

100% Pure Pomegranate Flavor provides an irresistible flavor you’ll love! No additional sweeteners added!


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